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Our Finest Seed Bomb Matrix – Makes over 200 1/2″ Seed Balls

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Make your own seed balls! This is professional-grade seed ball clay developed by a soil scientist. Seed balls are an effective way to improve the germination potential and success of seedlings. You can make your own easily and without the effort of procuring supplies and the mess of mixing the clay powders and composts. In addition to being a great tool for agriculture and guerrilla gardening, making seed balls is an easy activity with an outstanding success rate. It’s a great way to have fun while teaching environmental ethics. Seed-balls.com makes the matrix to have a very high organic matter content, which mimics the top horizons of the soil, which favor germination. The three types of compost offer a balanced chemistry and slightly acidic-neutral pH, which seeds and seedlings love. Seed balls were popularized in the late 20th Century by Masanobu Fukuoka, but have been around as an early no-till agriculture practice for thousands of years. because of the ease of dispersal (just tossing the ball on the soil, or throwing it over a fence), it has become a favorite of guerrilla gardeners.3 kinds of compost: humus, vermicompost, and bokashi tea
Handmade in Pennsylvania
Easy-rolling, low dust formula
Only natural ingredients
Fun, easy activity

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