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Holisouse Invisible Bra with Drawstring self-adhesive Breathable All size avilable

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Push Up Bra Invisible Bras Seamless stealth bra Backless Bra Adhesive Bra Strapless Bra with Drawstring self-adhesive Breathable for summer From holisouse All size avilable
The bra is the first barrier to protecting a female’s breast, so choosing a good bra is vital to your health. While taking into account the comfort at the same time, Holiouse design team improved the bra with the fabric and lining, Creating a more healthy, more comfortable, more sexy wear experience.
Cup A : 70A(32A), 75A(34A)
Cup B : 70B(32B), 75B(34B), 80A(36A), 85A(38A)
Cup C : 70C(32C), 75C(34C), 80B(36B), 85B(38B)
Cup D : 70D(32D), 75D(34D), 80C(36C), 80D(36D), 85C(38C)
How to Wear
1. CLEAN YOUR SKIN-THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Gently clean your chest area with mild soap and water to remove body oil and residue from skin. Dry your skin with a soft towel. DO NOT USE powders, oils, or fragrances anywhere near the chest area prior to applying your bra.
2. Stand in front of the mirror and loosen the drawstring, then stick self adhesive wing on both sides of your breast.
3. Tighten the belt till a perfect cleavage appears
4.with both hands on the bra cups press firm for a few seconds to secure the hold. Now, you are ready to enjoy the total freedom and comfort of your bra

Tips- The Silicone Push-up Adhesive Bra is not suitable for using in high temperature outdoors or doing exercise. Simply hands wash it with clean water after each use and then

Package included:
1 pack * Invisible Bras from HolisouseNEW DESIGN—Strap design,comes with pull rope design in the middle for adjustable cleavage enhancement
SUPER FIT—Once you pick the right size, The invisible bras with medical grade adhesive gently adhere to skin,even in walking and jogging,You won’t be fear of shedding or falling off
BREATHABLE—The aeration in the middle of the bra, can release more heat, even in hot weather, your breast will be free of felling hot
UNIQUE SHAPE—Hand-type design, will hold your chest, creating a perfect breast type for you
HOTTEST TRENDS—Perfect for halter, backless/strapless evening gowns, low-cut outfits and party dress. Instantly becomes a part of your body with total freedom and flexibility of movement, making you to be the absolute focus.

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