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The Best Medicine: A Standalone Romantic Comedy

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I treat my female conquests like I treat my motocross stunts–I never stop trying until I nail them.
When Shane Winters rolled into my ER, I knew I had to save him.
I had an obligation to the human race to save the motocross star. He was too beautiful to have his DNA eliminated from the species. He had to reproduce.
For the sake of all humanity.
I fixed his back, but unfortunately there’s no cure for a dirty mouth, and Shane Winters likes to use his. A lot.
But now that he’s safe and healthy and constantly hitting on me, the only thing I want to do is put him back in a coma.
I’ve always had one strict rule as a doctor: don’t get close to my patients.
But Shane is teaching me so much.
I’m learning that a hospital gown can look sexy, that a medical exam can be erotic, and that a hospital cafeteria can be as romantic as a five-star restaurant.
So yeah, all kinds of rules are getting broken with Shane.
I just hope that my heart and my career don’t end up in pieces.
From Best Selling Author (okay let’s be honest)… From Moderately Selling Author Kimberly Fox comes a sexy, new standalone romantic comedy.

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