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Diary of a Discounter: The Inner Most Thoughts of a Couponer

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Who wouldn’t love to know how to stretch their hard earned dollars? Why should you have to pay retail when others are getting a sale? What if you could buy twice as much for half the cost? Couponing in the 21st century is a whole new game. What is doesn’t mean is that you will be forced to spend countless hours with newspapers and scissors, scanning for brands you’ll use and then tediously cutting individual coupons. Did you know that most coupons can be found online? In fact, some of the highest value coupons for the most coveted brand items come from the internet. Did you know that there were individuals devoting their lives to helping you save money as if it were their full time job? I’ll teach you how to maximize your time by finding the coupons you need for the items that you’ll actually use. I’ll point you to the most valuable couponing sites so that you can take advantage of the expert’s tips and their coupon hunting treasures. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by learning all of the store coupon policies, I’ll teach you the key rules to get you couponing at your favorite spots. Diary of a Discounter also features stories from my own shopping trips as well as those of other featured writers and readers. My goal is to teach you to focus your precious time by looking for discounts on the items that you will use rather than adopting the tempting habit of buying items that you don’t need just because you have a coupon. If you want to know what all the chatter is surrounding discounting shopping lately, you’ve come to the right place!

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