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Mrs. Brown’s Boys Live – Nice Big Box [Blu-ray] [2013]

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Includes all 3 outrageous Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Shows! Good Mourning Mrs Brown: Get ready to experience everyone’s favourite mother hen at her most outrageous in her very first Live Tour DVD. Prepare for a riot of bad behaviour as you see Mrs Brown Live and unleashed for the first time in a show jam packed with all the laughs and drama you can expect from the mother of all comedy. Featuring your favourite characters from the series, the live show is even ruder and cruder than the hit TV show and guaranteed loads of big laughs. So if you loved Mrs Brown’s Boys the series you will love Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Tour: Good Mourning Mrs Brown – Too rude for TV. Mrs Brown Rides Again: Get ready for even more outrageous behaviour as things aren’t looking great for Mammy;Cathy’s psychiatrist boyfriend wants her to be his case study. Winnie’s husband Jacko needs a life-saving but unaffordable operation and Buster and Dermot have come up with another dim-witted scheme to make some quick cash. Top top it off she’s overheard her family talking about putting her in a care home.. and decides to show them just how fit and functional she is by displaying a new lease of life. She’s up against it all right, but nothing keeps Mrs. Browns down for long! For the Love of Mrs Brown: Following the huge success of Good Mourning Mrs Brown & Mrs Brown Rides Again, Agnes takes to the stage again with another live tour of the popular comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys. Brendan O’Carroll,Eilish O’Carroll and Jennifer Gibney star in For The Love Of Mrs Brown.A few days before Valentine’s Day, Agnes is feeling down in the dumps. Even Granddad has a date. She is advised by Cathy to find a date over the internet.Meanwhile, Rory has found a small capsule of LSD tablets at the salon, and needs to find the owner so he can fire them. However, Mrs. Brown walks in on him talking to Dermot about it,and he is forced to tell her they are for indigestion.

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